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  2023考研英语科目中,东北旅游,很多考生认为作文难度比较大 。考生该如何准备考研英语作文呢?建议大家可以多参考优秀的范文、句型、写作技巧等,通过不断的练习和积累,收获一份满意的成绩。下面新东方小编为大家整理了“2023考研英语作文范文:生二胎”,希望能给大家提供一些帮助。


必威平台官方地址  2023考研英语作文范文:生二胎

必威平台官方地址  Directions:

  Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

必威平台官方地址  1)describe the drawing briefly.

  2)explain its intended meaning, and

  3)give your comments.

  You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET. (20 points)


必威平台官方地址  Emerging from the cartoon is an eye-catching scene that the parents are willing to have a second child, while their only child do not agree because of his worry that he doesn't want to have another child, even his own sibling, share toys with him. Simple as it is, the symbolic meaning revealed is profound and thought-provoking.

必威平台官方地址  We are supposed to place our attention on, instead of its funny appearance, the implied meaning of the cartoon: as the overall second-child policy expands throughout China, some only children are so selfish that they cannot accept the second child in their family. What can account for this undesirable situation? For one thing, they, as the only child at home all the time, have no awareness of sharing what they like with others due to the fact that all the family members give their love to the only child. As a result, when faced with the problem of whether they are willing to have a sibling, their first response is to refuse it. For another reason, some couples are eager to have a second child as soon as possible, which makes them neglect to communicate with their only child to let them realize the advantage of having a sibling companion in their childhood.

  From what has been discussed above, it's safe for me to conclude that it is urgent to take some immediate and effective measures. What I recommend is that parents should let child know the importance of sharing with others, which is beneficial for them in future life. In addition, it's better for parents to have more communication with their only child once they want to have a second child.

必威平台官方地址  以上是新东方考研小编为大家整理的“2023考研英语作文范文:生二胎”的相关内容,希望为大家准备考研英语科目提供一些参考和帮助。更多考研英语信息,敬请关注新东方考研频道。


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